5 Marketing ideas for Back to School Campaign

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Children starting school or returning for a new school year occurs every year around September, many companies offer products or services which can be shoe horned into a back to school campaign and you and your business should be making the most of that time.

Here are a few of our ideas.

Back to School Offers or Discounts

The one thing every parent of a child returning to school is bombarded with from July onwards are offers for products such as school uniforms, footwear, pens, pencils and other stationary. However, you could extend this to any product or services, spa days for weary mum’s, glasses for children or laptops.

Common offers include 2 for 1, % off purchases, % to a charity/cause or free shipping. All are great offers and will be snapped up by parents searching for the best deals.

Store Displays

Knowing parents are going to be drawn to products for their children, organise a display and combine related products in one location. Maximise your single sale purchases. When you look at supermarkets like Walmart or Asda, they push hard on the back to school promotions and I would imagine the mark up is very little, but they rely on people buying other goods when they go to pick up a uniform.

Tailor your products

Some product you sell day to day, you might be able to tweak slightly to make the more desirable for the Back to School market. For example if you sell cup cakes or cookies, decorate some with a chalk board, chalk and apple, if you sell tupperware, paint one with chalk board paint and write an inspirational message for a mum to give a child or if you sell electrical equipment promote alarm clocks to get you up and out of the door on time.

Many products can be tailored in suitably creative ways, share these on social media to gain maximum exposure between parents.

Promotional Products

Many times business spend so much time focusing on the children, they miss out on the stressed out parents. Why not appease the parents with a promotional give away? Maybe a free coffee card, new travel mug for the early morning rush or a secret sweet hamper for that essential sugar kick.

Become an Influencer

Do you do certain things really well? Why not tell parents how they can organise themselves? Show them examples of school survival kits and where you get them, show parents different lunch box ideas for the children, share examples of inspiration post-its parents could give their children, post a series of look book ideas for school outfits or develop DIY/Craft projects parents and teachers can download and share with children.

With all these ideas, posting and promoting content on your different social media channels is essential. Each campaign should drive traffic back to your website, not stop on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you need help implementing any ideas on your website and social media, and would like to find other ways in which HelloRex can promote your business please book a free consultation.

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