Search Engine Optimisation

With SEO we take a rounded approach looking at the speed and structure of your website, the keywords and content as well as your backlinks and analytics to ensure all element work collectively to increase your rank.
Keyword Research
Before you begin any search engine optimisation it is important to carry out keyword research, ensuring the keywords used throughout the website which your website will be found are the right keywords. Otherwise, all your efforts can be for nothing. We use keyword research tools to identify keywords related to your product or services and their volumes and audience.

Website Structure & Meta
Having a solid foundation is essential to achieve search engine optimisation, so we will review your website and ensure the structure is suitable or make changes accordingly. We will then review your page meta (titles, descriptions and URLs) to ensure they are unique and include relevant keywords.

Website Content
Developing engaging content is essential to convert your visitors into sales and enquiries. We review each page of your website to ensure content is engaging and suitable calls to actions are in place. We also review resources such as images have appropriate alternative tags and descriptions improving indexing and compatibility.

Backlinks & Associations
Establishing backlinks is essential in developing domain authority and linking your associated pages such as social media and corporate profiles enabled google to more efficiently map your business.

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Let Hello Rex help you demonstrate the values that make your business unique!

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