Should I outsource my marketing?

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In many small to medium sized businesses, updating their website or social media channels tends to be part of somebody’s role. The problem with this is their other duties tend to get into the way of delivering a well-considered campaign, resulting in disconnected and uncoordinated approach.

Outsourcing your marketing provides a scalable resource, with a predetermined monthly cost. We plan out your annual activity in line with the time allocated each month, and we ensure that is planned, prepared and delivered across all the channels for your business.

We commonly receive two challenges:

“Not sure if we can justify adding £225/$290 a month to our costs”

Our minimum package is £225/$290 per month, for a half day per month, this allows us to add/schedule news items on your business websites. We then schedule these articles to be shared across your social media channels. This regular promotion of engaging content, shared across multiple social media platforms builds brand awareness, improves client retention and increases enquiries.

When you consider the costs, its equivariant to a single half page advert the will deliver nowhere near the same level of engagement.

“A lot of people promise me the earth, and never deliver”

We come across this a lot, fluffy sales pitches developed by salesman that when you get down to the outcomes are promising very little. We work with our clients to understand their business, explain what will be delivered month on month and review results each month. We want to know which of our activities are working and which aren’t to ensure you get you the right enquiries.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

How do you know if you should be talking to us?

  1. If you look at your website, when was the last news item posted?
  2. If you look at your website, does your site represent your business?
  3. If you look at your social media presence, when was the last item posted?
  4. Is your website showing “not secure” and not mobile responsive?
  5. If you look at your collateral, can you clearly define the brand as your business?

If you look at any of these things and the content is aging, undefined as your brand or just not representative of your business book a consultation.

What else can you do for us?

We provide a full outsourced marketing services, operating as if we are an internal resource. We develop your brand, brand collateral, websites, social media, promotional give-aways, email campaigns, business strategy, event management and key person influencer campaigns.

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