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We have numerous clients approach us asking to “SEO” their websites, and make them first on Google. We equally have just as many informing us they “Do Social Media” however, when we look at clients website and social media channels we tend to find their approach is one of the following:

  1. Nice website, limited regular content but lots of paid promotion/adwords linking to their site.
  2. Nice website, limited regular content, posting alot on social with no linkage to their site.
  3. Nice website, no content, no social, no paid promotion.
  4. Nice website, regular content assuming google with list it and rank it at the top.
  5. Awful website, no content, no social, no paid promotion.

Now we have come up with a really easy to understand graphic for these different approaches. If you have ever played Skee Ball at the fair or beach amusements, you will know the ball is far harder to get into the small holes, than the larger ones. This is similar with marketing and engaging with prospects, the larger the target the easier it will be to engage them.

This is where our recommended approach comes in, a combined effort rather than individual activity in isolation:

  • Firstly like any house you need to build your foundations, design and build a really nice website, mobile responsive, search optimised and easy to navigate.
  • Next register and link your social media channels, ensure the brand is consistent with the website so when you move from one to another you feel you are looking at the same company.
  • Next develop your content calendar, and begin posting the content on your website and sharing it across your social media channels. Ensure your posts are regular/consistent, and they pick up on commonly searched phrases such as answering a question, or providing advice.
  • Next take those key posts and promote them to your target audience, while Google/Facebook/LinkedIn make it super simple to go broad brush with this promoting to anyone and everyone. Look at groups your clients may be in, age, sex, location, other companies they may follow. Try and be as specific as possible to ensure your promotions get to the right people.
  • Next take the same content and send an email to your newsletter distribution list and link them to the recent posts on your website. Flag offers and promotions that you maybe offering this month.

This connected approach provides an extended target, making it super simple for every prospect and client to hit.

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