All things to all men

On a Sunday morning have you ever jumped in the car and headed to your local jumble sale? 100s of stalls with a weird collection of goods from Books to Lamps and everything in between. The random collection of goods are so disparate the mind can’t comprehend why these items would be on the same […]

The Startups Checklist

When setting up a new business there is a lot to think about from the anxiety of giving it all up and taking on the world alone, invoicing, providing the product or service and taking time for yourself. We can’t help with everything, but can make life easier when it comes to marketing and your […]

Keep your values simple and true!

Back in the day the family store was built upon the families values, during the 80-90’s the family values were dropped as corporations took over with catchy marketing slogans. Today we are seeing companies trying to adopt and shoe horn themselves into a set of values that either don’t fit or are so complex it […]