All things to all men

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On a Sunday morning have you ever jumped in the car and headed to your local jumble sale?

100s of stalls with a weird collection of goods from Books to Lamps and everything in between. The random collection of goods are so disparate the mind can’t comprehend why these items would be on the same table.

We occasionally come across clients in a similar position with their own products or services, which have organically grown. But so different in audience that when seen side by side on a website confuses any prospective client.

We have also seen conflicting products or services, where a client is trying to sell to a specific market but on the same page offering services directly competing with their target audience.

Should you find yourself in this position, you should not be afraid to develop separate brands, and cross sell services.
While this may seem twice as much effort the improved conversion rates should more than reward you for the extra work.

We would recommend you start this by mapping out your product or services and then identifying for each the preferred target audience, where products or services audience overlap these items are grouped under one brand, where the audience is entirely different this would be more suited to a secondary brand.

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