Which Social Media Channels are right for me?

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With such a huge selection of Social Media Channels increasing daily businesses can spend time and resource maintaining their presence on channels which simply offer no value to their specific products or services. Don’t make that mistake, consider what is your best fit?


LinkedIn is ideal for businesses providing services to other businesses. Businesses such as accountants, lawyers and recruitment agencies work well on LinkedIn, its full of decision makers and they check it daily, however businesses which provide services solely for private customers such as family photographers, flower shops and restaurants may find the returns limited.


Facebook is ideal for businesses providing products or services to private customers. Businesses such as restaurants, clubs/bars and family venues work well on Facebook, its of private buyers and promotions can be tailored to your desired audience. However businesses which provide services solely for corporate buyers such as accountancy, lawyers and IFAs may find the returns limited.


Twitter is a bit of a mixed bag, it is home to lots of personal influencers. That rather than using business profiles they use their own profile to promote companies and brands. Our recommendation is use your own business profile to engage those influencer, promoting content and tagging them into relevant content. One good retweet from a Twitter influencer will return ten-fold.


Instagram is ideal for businesses which can present products and services via imagery. Some businesses find this really hard such as professional services providers, but works best for product based business such as clothes brands, toy companies and household wares for example.


YouTube is ideal for businesses which produce video content, this is a great way deliver content to clients without forcing them to read a long wordy page. Video is engaged with 2500% more than pictures or text. It’s a great way to demonstrate the personality of your organisation and deliver more engaging client testimonial.


Google+ is a remnant of when Google tried to compete against Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, while it didn’t take off I still think it is worth posting the content onto here. I have been told it only helps with those in your Google Circle.


Pinterest is ideal for businesses to promote products, infographics and branded statements to private customers. Its great for clothes companies, allowing people to build style collections, decorating and furniture companies, allowing people to build their dream homes and car companies either promoting luxury or modified cars allowing people to build their dream garage.

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