Sweet Idea Campaign

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Sending sweets to prospects is becoming increasing fashionable, more and more creative ideas are hitting the desks of prospective buyers each and every day.

Recently we have seen a small perspex box with a number lock on it filled with sweets and a label saying “call us for the code” a great idea for getting past the office gatekeeper.

Retro Sweets are pretty popular, small sweet hampers cost very little but make a big impact when delivered to an office. A pack of hungry office dwellers will pick apart a hamper as soon as it hits the coffee machine.

Dip Dabs used effectively with the sales message of “We are a dab hand at X call us” delivered in traditional sweet shop bags, sends a powerful message with small investment.

Or keep it simple, branded tubes of Jelly Bean are always a hit at events and conferences.

There are loads of really cost effective ideas for using sweets in your sales approach. Why not pick your top 10 prospects and send each a sweet hamper and follow up a few days later to see if they enjoyed the treat.

The more creative the idea the more likely prospective customers are to share pictures of it on their social media channels, further promoting you and your brand.

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