Next Level Sidewalk Campaigns

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We LOVE helping our clients thinking differently, walking down the high street your peripheral vision being sought by a multitude of colour from shop window displays and signage can become a blur as you focus on the floor or your mobile phone.

Take your sidewalk signage to the next level.

Develop a promotion or creative idea, create a stencil and jet-wash it into the sidewalk outside your shop or lead people to your location if you’re a bit off the beaten track.  This can be really effective for those staring at their mobiles as they walk and is a green solution which will naturally wash away over time.

Alternatively bring in tech, some of the most under used technology is projectors. One of the nice touches of a Ford Mustang is when you open the door the logo is projected onto the floor. Take a tip from Fords books and project your logo from your shop onto the sidewalk in front, this could also be animated or include a promotion or offer.

Let’s get viral and bring in a 3D Chalk artist it’s a bit more expensive but makes a huge impact when done well and can provide a massive viral trend bringing footfall to your location to take that unique selfie. If possible tie the theme into your own products or services, then use the imagery in your own promotional campaigns.

Engage in play, children and adults alike love to play introducing some form of engagement through either interactive displays with people on the sidewalk or simple games on the sidewalk will inspire people to stop. One of the best things I’ve seen for this is a piano on a stair case which was a promotion by a fruit juice company to encourage people to take the stairs rather than the escalator.

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