Marketing: The Calendar

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The key to any marketing is frequency, brand awareness is developed through seeing your brand in multiple locations, multiple times. So often we see companies who haven’t updated their news/blog or social media channels in 12 months and then question why facebook isn’t working for them?

Our approach is the “Marketing Calendar” simply starting with 12 boxes (representing 12 months) and ensuring you have something you can add to your news/blog and social media channel atleast once a month. Once you have populated the 12 boxes with a few items, split each box into 4 representing the weeks within a month and try and populate those you then have at minimum weekly updates being delivered.

Starting your Marketing Calendar is easy, think seasonal? – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanks Giving, New Year, Guy Fawkes Night, Independence Day, Black Friday, St Patricks Day etc. These events happen every year at the same time, and you can easily promote your business with either an offer, a office picture or simply wishing people well.

Over the years “National Days” have become massive, I think there are just about a National Day for everything from Pizza to Pants.

Pick a few which have some relevance to your business and add to your Marketing Calendar, for example if you run a Cycle Shop – National Cycle to Work Day would be a great fit (13th September). If you run a Pizza Shop – National Pizza Day would be a great fit (9th Feb if you need an excuse to eat pizza)

Charitable Days, there are plenty of Charitable days you could support for example Where a Hat Day (29th March), Slipper Day (9th December) or Christmas Jumper Day (15th December). It’s a great opportunity to support a good cause and get staff involved and get some fab photos for your social media channels.

Finally identify the events that are specific to your business? Celebrate your birthday on the month of incorporation, introduce new members of staff as they join etc.

You should now have at least 48 activities to post and promote on your news/blog and social media channels, providing weekly updates over a 12 month period.

Download our Sample Content Calendar Template

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