Engaging marketing is always more than an individual tweet or a post, developing an approach consisting of a series of touch points linked to the individual campaign is essential in engaging your client and prospects.

As a rule, most clients and prospects will need to see your campaign in seven different locations to commit it to memory. So when considering your campaign it is important to understand your audience and where they are likely to be looking.

So lets imagine you are trying to tell your product to one specific buyer:

  • What social media channels do they use, which ones are they on?
  • What magazines/publications do they read?
  • What events, conferences do they go to/attend?
  • What activities do they enjoy? Golf, Cycling etc
  • What TV/Radio stations do they listen to?
  • What is their office address, to send a brochure/intro letter?
  • What is their telephone number, to phone them

Those are the less creative ideas, now for something a bit more guerrilla

  • Where do they eat their lunch?
  • What route do they drive from home to work?
  • Do they take the train/tube into work?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What promotional gifts would they value?
  • Could you customise a give-a-way unique for them?

Sometimes its about picking a single target, and sometimes its about a wider audience but you will be able to profile them all to answer the above questions.

Once you have picked your channels you intend to use to engage the prospect/s then its time to get creative providing an engaging brand rich promotion that is delivered through each channel. Make sure the message is clear and brand is front and centre.

With all that in place, its Go Time the prospect will know the brand, recognise the message and will have had it endorsed by the channels they trust and when you finally pick up the phone, they will think it was their idea to engage with you!

Marketing, when done well is like Magic 😊

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