5 Top Marketing Collateral Investments

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Pens can be super cheap, they can be super expensive but there is always a pen to suit your own budget. Everyone is always searching for a pen, my sofa must be like a tardis inside the number of pens I’ve lost in there. Giving pens to clients, out at events or just leaving them in communal places is great brand exposure and can cost as little as 10p/15c a pen. This is one of our preferred providers: www.penpromotion.co.uk

Pull up Banners

A branded pull up banner will never go to waste, you might think “we don’t go to conferences” no? Put it up internally when clients come into reception, if you attend a golf day ask if you can put one up in the golf venue for the other businesses to see? Best £70/$100 you will ever spend and in our experience, when you actually need one its never ready, so buy one now and have it ready.

Feather flags

Multi purpose is the key here, and feather flags tick that box. Corporate events, Golf Days, Christmas Drinks or sitting outside the office during a photoshoot the feather flag is one of the most versatile tools in your inventory, again a small investment of around £80/$110 earns you massive brand awareness across a year. This is one of our preferred providers: www.discountdisplays.co.uk

Branded Table Cloth

How does a table cloth hit your top 5? Because once again they are massively multi purpose, easily portable and stored. If you exhibit at a conference they usually provide a shell stand and table, one branded table cloth thrown over the table and you stand is branded. Sponsor an event ask the venue for a side table and apply the table cloth and put on your freebie, organise a coffee morning and put them on the tables servicing drinks. They are massively useful for as little as £50/$70 this is one of our preferred providers: www.ukbranding.co


Good quality umbrellas are hard to beat for branding. So first off let’s assume your business operates in a location with rain? people will ALWAYS need an umbrella, good quality umbrellas cost some money but once you have one you tend to keep hold of it. Then every day it rains outcome your crew of walking billboards promoting your brand. The umbrella can be abit pricey but never scrimp and never go ugly multi coloured ones, no one uses those. Between £12-17/$15-20 per umbrella is a reasonable price, stick to a single brand colour the minimum order will be around 25. So for an investment for £375/$500 will give you 25 walking billboards.

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